TeloTest for Biological Age

Discover your biological age by this enhanced DNA test

Advantages of the TeloTest

  • Easy to collect DNA samples through a simple mouth-swab.
  • You will receive a complete report with your cellular age and recommended personalised treatment to slow this process down.

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The Telotest is available at our Qualevita health & longevity clinics in Amsterdam.

Why a TeloTest?

Understanding your cell biological age allows professionals to clearly approach the right treatments.

Environmental factors, lifestyle habits, late retirement, stress or negative thinking are some of the factors that can affect our aging. The concern about healthy aging, also called well-aging, has encouraged the finding of new tools to know our aging. The TeloTest is an innovating biomarker that allows us to discover your biological age and evaluate telomere related diseases.

What is a TeloTest?

Our telomeres are specific DNA-protein structures found at both ends of each chromosome. They shorten with every cell-division cycle and it is exactly this decree in length that is associated with ageing. In cases of early aging, telomeric length is often detected as shorter than expected, providing information about the degree of cellular aging of the body. Telomeric length is one of the most relevant biomarkers related with body aging. Being able to maintain longer telomeres is related with increased lifespan and retarding the development of age-related diseases.

The test involves taking a blood sample, typically in the morning when hormone levels are highest, and analyzing it for specific hormone concentrations. The results help doctors assess whether the adrenal glands are producing hormones at normal levels, too much, or too little.

Key aspects of the telotest include:

Purpose: To assess adrenal gland function and diagnose related disorders.

Hormones Measured: Cortisol, aldosterone, androgens.

Procedure: Blood sample collection, usually in the morning.

Conditions Diagnosed: Adrenal insufficiency, Addison’s disease, Cushing’s syndrome.

Understanding the results of a telotest can provide crucial information for diagnosing and managing conditions that affect the adrenal glands and overall hormone balance.