IV treatment experience

Fit girl from Amsterdam

Rachel John is a fit girl, well known for her great social media presence. She is Dutch and lives in Amsterdam.

If anyone embraces life to the fullest, it’s this fun curly-haired girl. As a surf chick, she loves to be found on the waves or in the ring, giving men the fright of their lives. We at Qualevita love that spirit!

After the IV treatment, she posted a few stories on her Instagram about the IV treatment at Qualevita. We asked for her permission to publish these posts on our website to share her experience. How did she experience our IV treatment at our clinic in Amsterdam? Let’s have a look.

racheljohn-iv-therapy amsterdam

With an impressive 275k Instagram followers, she’s one of the most popular fit girls in the Netherlands. Recently, she posted a mini-documentary on her YouTube channel titled “The Road to the Ring.” It’s definitely a must-watch to see this powerhouse in action!

Rachel is not only beautiful but also funny and inspiring. Moreover, she really knows her way around the fitness and nutrition world. With such a killer body, it’s no wonder people see her as a role model.

It’s not surprising that Rachel found our clinic in Amsterdam after she lost 3 kilo’s of water weight in two hours by going to the sauna. We offer exactly what she was looking for: a quick method to rehydrate and energize her body. IV therapy is a very efficient way to achieve this goal.

This made her look for a way to get her strength & weight back quickly.

racheljohn-iv-therapy amsterdam
racheljohn-iv-therapy amsterdam

After some research on Google, she found us and got IV-therapy at Qualevita clinic in Amsterdam.

The results are satisfying and as expected. The body rehydrates very fast and your energy level gets a boost. You replenish essential minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and nutrients with our specially designed infusions to increase your energy, strengthen immune function and stimulate cell regeneration.

racheljohn-iv-therapy amsterdam