Our Process

Initial consultation

During your initial consultation we will be able to gather your expectations, health-concerns, needs and desires.

Health & Longevity Program Proposition

Based on the initial consultation we will be able to recommend the most suited Health & Longevity Program.

Biological specimens

Provide blood & 24hr urine samples which will be sent to our leading diagnostics centers for comprehensive testing

Medical appointment

A two-hour consultation with one of our medical specialists whereby you will receive a detailed analysis and explanation of your results, an explanation of your body’s personal biochemical processes and a forecast for the development of several scenarios for the possible development of diseases.


Recommendation of your detailed personalized lifestyle program with supplement & medical prescriptions

Medicine supply

If so required, fully personalized supplements which will be prepared by our clinic staff and sent to your home or office.
* (offered as an elective service at an additional expense)


Live and experience your personalized lifestyle program


Expert medical support online throughout the course of treatment