We are seeking a passionate and dedicated Preventive Medicine Doctor to join our visionary international team at QUALEVITA Clinic, based in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam. Our clinic operates within a thriving healthcare market, driven by the mission to make a meaningful difference in our patients’ lives.

Job Title: Preventive Medicine Doctor

This role is offered on a part-time/freelance basis, requiring a commitment of approximately 2 days per week.

Location: QUALEVITA Clinic, Amsterdam

Job Overview

The Preventive Medicine Doctor is responsible for overseeing all aspects of patient care, applying a personalized and holistic approach to restore and maintain the patient’s health balance. The role demands high proficiency in state-of-the-art testing, a commitment to continuous learning, and the ability to educate and empower patients in their health management.


Main Responsibilities

Patient Care: Promote safety and health for patients, colleagues, and staff. Establish and nurture trusting relationships with patients and their families.

Medical Assessments: Evaluate patients comprehensively, using in-depth blood and 24-hour urine tests, questionnaires, and physical examinations. Develop personalized medical therapy, routine care plans, and dietary suggestions based on patient assessments.

Treatment and Prescription: Prescribe, administer, and dispense medications and supplements following Dr. Hertoghe Medical School protocols and regulatory guidelines. Prepare individual prescriptions for compounding treatments including hormones, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and intravenous infusions.

Diagnostic and Preventive Care: Coordinate diagnostic tests, interpret a wide range of medical test results, and counsel patients on preventive healthcare practices. Utilize medical equipment such as Tanita and Oligoscan effectively.

Communication and Education: Ensure accurate, secure electronic medical records and communicate medical concepts and treatment plans clearly to patients and their families. Engage patients in education about their health to empower them in preventive practices.

Professional Development: Participate actively in ongoing education through webinars, training sessions, and relevant conferences to remain at the forefront of preventive medicine.


Required Skills and Qualifications

Education: Doctor of Medicine degree; specialization in general medicine, additional degree in endocrinology preferred.

Experience: At least 3-5 years in residency, with a history as a primary care provider.

Certifications: Hertoghe Medical School certification, valid medical license, and any other pertinent specialty certifications.

Skills: Excellent communication, familiarity with medical software/equipment, ethical practices, and relatability.

Languages: Proficiency in Dutch and English is mandatory; Spanish proficiency is advantageous.


Additional Qualities

Ethical Integrity: Adherence to the highest ethical standards and confidentiality in patient interactions and medical documentation.

Soft Skills: Empathy, patience, and strong problem-solving skills are essential for effective patient care and family interactions.

Performance Evaluation: Success in this role will be measured through patient satisfaction, adherence to preventive protocols, and engagement in continuing education.

At QUALEVITA Clinic, we strive to create a unique culture that fosters growth and innovation in the field of preventive medicine. We value our patients’ well-being above all else and seek to continuously improve our practices for their benefit.

In addition to providing top-quality healthcare, we also prioritize the professional development of our team members. As a member of our international team, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with experts from various backgrounds and continuously learn from one another.

Our dynamic clinical setting allows for a diverse range of experiences and learning opportunities. You will be able to apply your knowledge and skills in an innovative and progressive environment, making a significant impact on the future of preventive medicine.